Sunday, 9 October 2016

Scooby Double Doo

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera made the shock announcement today that there was more than one Scooby Doo. This revealing confession is considered by critics to be far more deceptive than the Blue Peter debacle with Petra and Freda (the tortoise). The two images on this page clearly show two different Scooby Doos; note the difference in eyes and skin colour. Another clue is that the series has been running 47 years, which would make Mr Doo the equivalent of a 350 year old human.

The first Scooby (real name Dean) last just three episodes before being run over by the Mystery Van. H&S specialist were commissioned to make the set less dangerous. The second Scooby (real name Desmond) last two series before choking on a Scooby snack. A specialist dog dietician advised to ensure future Scooby snacks were dog safe. The next Scooby (simply called Three) succumbed to the pressures of fame, as the series gained popularity, and died of an overdose whilst commiserating losing at the Oscars (made worse for the award being named after a cat).

Four was found dead in his apartment after experimentation in self-asphyxiation went bad. Five choked on his own vomit. The current Scooby Doo is heavily monitored with a dedicated team, including a personal coach, dog whisperer and dietician, to protect the iconic lead actor. Scooby Six allegedly said "I am well looked after by the team and thank them but I wish I could hit the town with old Shaggy and go on a bender like my predecessors Four and Five".

Hannah and Barbera finished their announcement with an apology for Scrappy Doo: "That little sh*t was a big mistake, we prayed he would be run over by the Mystery Van but he was too quick for us".

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